Detail Inspection

A general inspection is conducted on every  vehicle before it is released to its owner:

Inspect for Clean Interior

Ashtray and glove box

Headliner and visors

Carpets and heal pad

Seats and package tray

Dashboard and console 

Pleats between seats

Door jambs and panels

All vinyl areas dressed

    (not  steering wheel, brakes and gas pedals)

All interior windows

Trunk carpet and vinyl areas

Floor mats cleaned / installed

Re-install spare tire / tighten down all equipment

Spare tire washed (not dressed)

Inspect for Clean Exterior

Remove any wax, residue, tar, road oil, or insects from surface/crevices


All door jambs, behind gas filler door

Tires, wheels and fender wells

Rocker panels

Front and rear valances

Exterior windows and mirrors

Engine and Bumpers 

Underside of hood insulator

Inspect dressing for:

​Tires- remove excess with towel

Fender wells 

Rubber moldings

Window trim

Door and trunk or tailgate gaskets


Body surface is dried

Paint is free of swirl marks

​Surfaces free of paint scuffs/smears

​Buffing dust and reside is removed​

Profession Training

Our employees are trained in specific detailing practices as shown below and will offer you specific consultation for your auto's detailing requirements as needed. 

​​Frontline Ready Inspections: 

An auto inspection to validate its retail condition with no defects, damage or discrepancies.

Headlight Restoration: 

Restoring aged headlights by refinishing dull or discolored lenses due to environmental conditions.

DuPont Refinishing: 

A refinishing training.

​​Car Bright Training:

​Since 1947 this detailing and reconditioning training teaches the complex processes for using a variety of products to restore auto surfaces from polyurethane paints to polyester filament fibers.

Meguiar Wax Training: 

Using waxes and waxing techniques to restore auto paint.

Wet Sanding: 

A well honed skill, similar to polishing, used to get rid of orange peal and removing deep scratches.

Orbital Buffing:

A paint sealant hand wax.​

Detail Pricing

Detail for Standard Size Auto  $150

Our standard detail includes:


      Clean Interior - Leather or Cloth

      Leather Protection


      Trunk & Headliner 

      Engine Steam Cleaning

      Three-Stage Buffing​:

      1. Clay Buffing

      2. Remove Contaminants Under Paint

      3. High speed buffing

Hand Wax

Clean Chrome

Clean Door Jams

Detail for Large Trucks/LUVs  $175

Custom Detail       starts at       $300

Autos will be inspected to determine specific requirements in order for a quote to be given.

NOTE: Prices will depend on the condition of the auto. For example exceptional pet hair, or those that require deoderization, or that might need deep scratch removal. Should the auto require additional work, consultation will be given. 

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